Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Posted by Tait Arend 5/19/08

Michelle –

You really are amazing.

Not long after I received my ribbons on Saturday night I started thinking, “who am I going to give my ribbon to”…and in an instant Vinnette Allen popped into my mind. I was really excited to walk into the office today and give her the ribbons. She is an amazing woman, full of love and life. She makes such a profound difference in our office and in the world for that matter. She is loving and kind, full of spirit and life. She is our den mother in the office and affectionately known as Mama V.

And as I sat down to acknowledge her for who she is for me and for others…she couldn’t believe what I was doing. Just a few moments earlier she had read the below email sent from her niece…outlining the “Who I am Makes a Difference” movement. She was blown away. She just kept repeating…”I can’t believe this…I can’t believe this is happening.” Only moments before she was reading about this…and there in another it was happening to her out of her love for others.

I knew in my heart that this movement (and make no mistake…it is a movement) is divinely inspired. Mama V makes a difference, this movement makes a difference, YOU make a difference, every single person in this world…MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

So thank you!

Much love!

Posted by Igor Reyes 5/20/08


We wanted to take a second to make you aware of our appreciation for the way you have been about the Opus Caritatis project. Although I am sure as the “B” in NBWW you would rather us not be doing any work outside of the office, you have found a way to look beyond that and find that there is a greater good in what we are trying to accomplish. At times we fail to show appreciation for what does happen and the fortunes we have in our lives. The ability and responsibility to live with transparency and work on such projects falls between both us and you with your willingness to listen. It really is a worthwhile project. I want to thank you for going beyond your scope of things and getting your attorney to write up the Disclosure of Non-Agency.

We are capable of good because we are seen as good. THANKS
Igor Reyes

Monday, April 28, 2008

Friendship: Such a Sweet Surprise

I gave away another 4 ribbons on Saturday to one of my best friends, Lori. (By the way, Michelle, I forgot to tell you that Mom is requesting more ribbons ). :)

When she saw the ribbon, her eyes immediately started to water. Michelle had shared the idea of the project with her weeks ago, so she knew that I was about to acknowledge the difference she makes in my life.

I looked at her and said, “The difference you make in my life is that you are truly what it means to be a friend." I explained that whenever something happens in my life, whether it is "good" or "bad," she is one of the first people I think of calling. By this point, she was really fighting back the tears, asking me not to make her cry, but I had so much more I wanted to say. I went on, “We started out as colleagues 11 years ago, and then something beautiful happened, and we became friends. It was such a sweet surprise.”

She replied, “It really was, Mimi. It has been a wonderful journey."

“And another difference you make in my life is that you inspire me in who you are as mother. You amaze me.” See, Lori is the single mother of two beautiful girls-- a 4-year-old and a 15-month-old. She is so loving, patient, and positive with her girls. She simply inspires me to be the same way with my two boys.

I pinned the ribbon on her and passed on 3 more so that she could pay them forward. I can’t wait to hear who she gave her ribbon to and what the experience of giving and receiving the ribbons away was like for her. :)

This is such a great project. Thanks for taking this on, Michelle! I intend on having it go on and on and on in my life, and, like Ingrid, I am going to order my own roll of ribbons to symbolize the abundance of love to give away!!!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Two Sons that Make a Difference!

Today I gave Zack and Jeff their Blue Ribbons.

I turned to Jeff and said, "Jeff, the difference that you make in my life is what you have accomplished over the past 2 months. It's not about the grades themselves. You remind me that if you really put your heart into something that you want, you can accomplish it, no matter what! Thank you for that. I am so proud of you!" I gave him his blue ribbon and he thanked me with that beautiful smile that lights my world!

Then I turned to Zack and I said, "Zack, the difference that you make for me is inside of you being a leader. I see you with your friends and it's so clear that you are the leader of the pack. Whenever they have an issue, or something is not working out in the band, they call you and you are the voice of reason that brings everyone back together. When I am going through something and I start to get frazzled, at times I ask myself, 'What would Zack say to me?' And then I hear your voice say 'Relax, what's the big deal?' Just calm down.' And right away I am calm and clear again. So thank you for being the voice of reason in my life." And just like his little brother, he smiled. He took 1 ribbon to give to his girlfriend Yanela, and will give her the remaining two to pass them on :)

I got today that I am so lucky to have these two young men in my life and that to be able to share with them what they mean to me is a true gift!

Alot of Difference

I went to my school and waited to pass out the "Who I am Makes a Difference" ribbons until I got to lunch. I shared with my closest teacher friends and how each of them had made a difference in my life. Of course they all wanted ribbons as well so they could pass it forward. I was happy to have given them each their ribbon. When I left the lounge I saw another teacher with another one on. It had not even been 5 minutes and it was already passed forward!!

The next day a teacher wore her ribbon again. She told me "I needed to put it on again today" Another teacher asked me "Why didn't I get one?" So in one day the word had gotten out.

I decided to go ahead and order a roll of ribbon to complete this that had been started because there is alot of differences being made in my school. It think everyone deserves to be recognized for the difference they make.

Posted by Gladys Diaz on April 24, 2008

Glad said...
I gave away three sets of ribbons today (12 in total). I gave the first one to my mom for being so amazing with me, my husband, and the boys, for loving and forgiving me, and for being an amazing Christian. She was moved to tears and immediately thought of the friend she was going to give her ribbon and pass on the other 2 ribbons to. I explained to her that if she and/or her friends did not have access to email or the internet, they could call me and/or write down their stories and I would type them up and post them on the Blog.The second set of ribbon I gave to one of my former students. She went as my guest tonight to the Special Evening About the Landmark Forum, and I got to acknowledge the difference she made in my life 13 years ago when she was my student. She emailed me today and told me how great it made her feel that I remembered who she was when she was in the 4th grade, and that it brought back so many memories for her. Then she told me how much she and her other classmates had wanted to be in my class because they had heard so much about me when they were in the 3rd grade, and how what she remembers is how I spoke to them like "real people and not just naive children." She went on to say that, since that feeling of trust was instilled long ago, she still trusts me. She also said, "I've never been given a reason to second guess you. All I've ever known about you has been trust, caring, love, and respect." Wow! I gave her a ribbon for making a difference in my life, and I got to hear how I made a difference in hers. :)She took 3 ribbons to pass on, and so did her boyfriend. :)
April 24, 2008 12:01 PM

Posted by Valerie Munizza on April 20, 2008 3:07 PM

vmu525 said...
what an inncredible moving and impacting project - I shared this with David and he wants to recongize his best friend who volunteers many many hours to Habitat for Humanity! I am going to start with people that woek for me! how can we get ribbons - we love this - thanks Michelle for continuing your passion to educate and for being the amazinng friend you are! love you :)
April 20, 2008 3:07 PM

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Project Begins

Tonight I shared 30 ribbons with 1o of my closest friends in an amazing group that I belong to called "The Possibility Giants". I began by giving each of them a Blue Ribbon that reads "Who I Am Makes a Difference" and shared with them how each of them has made a difference in my life. I then gave each Giant 3 ribbons, and asked them to present 1 ribbon to someone in their life that has made a difference for them, and share with this person the difference that they have made for them. Each Giant will ask the recipient of the Blue Ribbon to "pay it forward" to someone else and keep the project going.

Each person who receives a ribbon will be asked to send an email to and post what happened when then presented their Blue Ribbon to their recipient. The intention of this project is to show the power of recognition and to acknowledge those everyday heroes in our lives that make a difference each day.

I look forward to hearing what each of you has to share and the difference that you continue to make in the lives of others!